My Jet Ski Fishing Experiences

My First Trip on Jet Ski And Fishing


It wasn’t easy to jump on PWX and fish the same time. Telling you a story that it’s hard to believe even now after two years. I was on the trip to Florida with my friends Jackie and Robert. We planned for this escape a long time ago. We wanted to ‘get lost’ in the woods.


Forget about everyday struggles and just relax at the shore.


We’ve landed in a the beautiful town where you can hear birds and all the nature’s sounds. We rented a couple of waverunners and with our rods we were ready for tomorrow’s jet ski fishing. On our PWCs were installed cool racks design for attaching rods and coolers. Great stuff really – they called it PAC-RAC from Strongoutdoors. 2 rods each of us me and Robert plus two cases of beer in the cooler. We call it a trip!
Relax and enjoy the video:




JET SKI FISHING accesssories





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